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Find Shampoo for Marijuana and Learn More About The Macujo Method

If you have to pass a hair drug test in the next few days, you are probably panicking and thinking about what should you do, especially if you are a frequent consumer of cannabis.

At the same time, it is highly challenging to tamper with the hair analysis, which is another reason for anxiety.

However, that is not the case, because you should consider the Macujo Method that will help you cleanse your hair with ease.

The primary issue is that we tend to make impulsive mistakes in these cases, such as shaving every piece of hair, which is counterproductive because it will affect the employment procedure.  

This particular method requires detox shampoo for a drug test as well as other chemicals that you can use to deeply clean your hair shaft from drug metabolites and other toxins that will compromise you on the drug test.

The hair analysis has been around for a few decades, but it was not popular among companies and employers due to the high price tag that came with it.

However, urinalysis has become unreliable method due to numerous ways to tamper with the results, which is why employers are starting to use this particular one as an addition to urine drug test because it can detect drug abuse.

Another benefit is the high detection rate as well as highly precise results when compared with other testing methods that you can find on the market. In case you consume weed daily, your hair will be filled with THC metabolites inside.

Still, you can use one method that will help you cleanse your hair shaft, which will lead to positive results that will help you begin working at the place you always wanted.

What Is The Macujo Method?

The process of cleansing has to be external, and the idea is to break the follicles that are interacting with drug byproducts. Have in mind that removing everything from the shaft is a complicated and time-consuming process, and you have to be patient along the way.

For detox shampoo to enter your follicle, or medulla inside, it has to pass a protective barrier called cuticle. The idea is to penetrate the cuticle and to eradicate THC, which is the primary goal of this particular treatment.

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It is vital to follow it step-by-step because only that way, you can make sure that you pass the test with ease.

Things You Need

If you wish to find an effective method for handling hair follicle drug test for an illegal and prescription drug, you should purchase the items that are available in your closest convenience store:

  • Vinegar
  • Shampoo with salicylic acid
  • Aloe Rid (Old Version)
  • Liquid detergent
  • Protective equipment

Note that if you cannot find detoxification shampoo in your closest convenience store, you can find it online on numerous places that will provide you an old formula of Aloe Rid because that is the most efficient way to penetrate hair follicles and remove unwanted metabolites from the inside.

Systematic Instructions

  • It is highly relevant to avoid consumption of cannabis or anything that may feature THC inside for at least 15 days before the test so that you can completely assure that you pass the test. At the same time, the perfect moment for dealing with this particular method is two weeks before the screening, but you can do it even in a shorter period than that.
  • The first thing that you should do is to rinse your hair, but try to avoid soaking it thoroughly.
  • As soon as your hair gets decently wet, you should use vinegar that you purchased before and try to massage your scalp as well as each corner of your head, because that way you will open pores and deeply cleanse everything. We recommend you to have protection for ears, eyes, and face because vinegar can lead to severe irritation as well as other painful problems.
  • You have to use a shampoo with salicylic acid and use it to massage your scalp for the next ten minutes. After ten minutes pass, you should place the showering cap or towel on your head and wait for 30 minutes.
  • You should wash everything by using Aloe Rid shampoo that will help you open the hair follicles and remove unwanted toxins and other metabolites that may affect the drug test.
  • Finally, you should rewash your hair by using liquid detergent, which may be invasive, but with protection, you will be completely protected.

When it comes to buying appropriate detox shampoo, you should have in mind that Aloe Rid will provide you amazing and efficient results you always wanted to achieve. It is vital to repeat this particular process at least five times before the screening date.

At the same time, try to be patient and understand that this particular process will take at least one hour, which means that you should avoid skipping any steps and repeat the entire process so that you can achieve the best results possible.

In case you consume weed afterward, have in mind that this particular procedure will be ineffective.

At the same time, ingredients are available in closest convenience stores that are around you, but you have to be wholly cautious and avoid being careless with chemicals and components you need for the Macujo method.

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The fact lies in the idea that this chemical may cause eye irritation and cause damage to your skin. Therefore, you have to protect your face as much as possible, and apply Aloe Rid shampoo to parts of your hair, which is closest to your scalp.

This particular procedure is the most efficient way to pass a hair drug test, especially if you are a frequent cannabis consumer. It features a 90{5c732564584573e726bc5a6f563200c54bcb97fd9844c74b06ace18265b32c78} success rate if you follow every single step thoroughly, and you can find numerous experiences and reviews from people that used it. The main issues that may happen are brittle hair and scalp irritation due to chemical use, but you will not cause severe problems to your hair as Jerry G method.